Wells wins Musical Championship, 2nd title this season

Carina Wells defeated Sherry West 80.5 – 79 in the finals of the WKT Musical Championship to claim her 2nd WKT title of the 2021 season.

Wells, now a 2-time champ on Tour, was taken aback with her victory. “I’m a little in shock. A happy shock. I was happy to just make it to the finals, but the win is even sweeter. “

When asked about singing the Wizard of Oz classic tune in the finals, Wells turned to her family as inspiration. “I’ve always loved Somewhere Over The Rainbow and my young daughter loves when I sing that song to her. I’ve never done it in a competition before, so I took a risk. Plus, finding a jazzy rendition with a chance to scat in the middle really appealed to me. I’m a jazzer at heart! Its true ability to create and interpret a song your way is what I love about Jazz and scatting! Worked out for the best!

“There’s a lot of talent out there and it’s hard to feel talented in a competition. I do it to push myself vocally. The reactions are what really make performing worth it.
To touch someone and make them feel something while I am emoting a song is really why I love to perform. The World Karaoke Tour experience has been surprisingly great for me. So thank you to everyone.”

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