Performance Videos

For the 2021 season, all WKT tournaments will be held online.  All perfomance video must adhere to the following rules: 

  • Each performance video can be up to 5 minutes max in length.
  • Your videos must be recorded in 16×9 video format (flip your phone horizontal to record) and at the highest quality possible.
  • No swearing in performance.
  • No Acappella or musical instruments allowed. You must sing to a track.
  • No voice alterations or autotune allowed. Mild reverb added will be permitted.
  • Performance in English is preferred.
  • It must be a live performance. No Lip Syncing or Dubbing.
  • 1 performance may be performed in a live venue.
  • No Singing apps ie. Smule, Starmaker, etc.
  • Your face must be visible during your performance.

scoring system

Each performance video will be scored out of 25 points. 4 judges will mark each performance for an overall total score of 100 points.  


ARTISTRY – Out of 10:
Did the singer’s voice meet the demands of the song chosen
Did the singer express emotion in relation to the lyrics
Did the singer tell a story with their voice
Did the singer phrase the song effectively
Did the singer make the song choice their own

TECHNIQUE – Out of 10:
Did the singer stay in tune throughout
Did the singer correctly execute the lyrics/notes/key changes/entrances, etc.
Did the singer successfully execute any riffs or embellishments attempted (if appropriate)
Did the singer execute dynamics in performance (lower and higher volumes)
Did the singer breathe in appropriate places

Was the video audio quality good
Was the singer able to be seen in the performance
Was the singer connecting with the audience throughout the performance
Was the singer dressed appropriately in relation to the performance
Was the singer’s personality and star quality able to shine through the performance

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