current wkt rankings

(as of May 17, 2021)

1Nikki SuyamaUSA1000
2Robert OwensUSA600
4Dawn HayesUSA360
4Anthony MageeUSA360
8Lindsey WarnerUSA180
8Sherry WestCanada180
8Tomi KaiserUSA180
8Jack WatsonAustralia180
16Jerrod PikerUSA90
16Shalen DevoreUSA90
16Eric LatrellUSA90
16Melanie FetterolfUSA90
16Jennifer NeaveUSA90
16Parnell LesterUSA90
16Austin EllingtonUSA90
16Justin WongCanada90

what are the wkt rankings?

The WKT Rankings is known by fans as ‘the world rankings’. For example, when Nikki Suyama is No. 1 in the WKT Rankings, she is said to be the No. 1 karaoke singer in the world. Or a singer who is No. 8 in the WKT Rankings is said to be a ‘Top 10 singer’.

The WKT Rankings are the merit-based method used by the World Karaoke Tour (WKT) for determining the qualification for entry as well as the seeding of players in all tournaments. Ranking points are awarded according to the stage of tournament reached, and the prestige of the tournament, with the 2 Major tournaments (North American Open and World Championships) awarding the most points.

A singer’s WKT Ranking is based on the total points they accrued during a season.

Tournament categoryWFSFQFR16R32R64
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