Referral Codes WKT Wallet

How does it work

This policy explains how WKT Referral codes are used and how you can earn money towards your WKT Wallet.

Referral Codes

  • Every WKT Member is given a unique Referral code that can be found in their "My Dashboard" section.
  • WKT Member's can share their Referral code with a direct link to the WKT website registration page on popular social media services.
  • Referral codes give new WKT members a 25% discount off their first tournamnet entry fee.
  • Each new referred member and subsequent paid tournament entry gives the referring WKT Member 25% of the paid tournamnet entry fee added to their WKT Wallet.
  • Example: If you refer a new WKT Member using your referral code and they register and pay for a $10 tournament, you will receive $2.50 in your WKT Wallet as a referral bonus!
  • There is no limit to how many people that can be referred.
  • A list of all WKT members that registered using your Referral code can be found under the "My Referrals" tab in the "My Dashboard" section.

WKT Wallet

  • Each referral bonus acts like a Virtual Gift Card and can be used to enter future WKT tournaments using the WKT Wallet drop down feature on the Event Payment Page.
  • If you have any pending Referral Bonuses, you may choose one (1) amount to use towards an entry fee to an upcoming WKT Tournament Important: (Limit one (1) bonus per event entry)
  • You can view the value of your WKT Wallet under the "Wallet" tab in the "My Dashboard" section.
  • There is no limit to how many bonuses can be earned in the WKT Wallet.