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Killer Queen Stephanie Durden wins Sunfly Sing-Off


Stephanie Durden claimed her 1st victory on the World Karaoke Tour winning the Sunfly Sing-off: Alternative event with her performance of Coldplay’s Fix You.

Durden, a 25-year-old native of Townsville, Australia, is by day a Special Education teacher but clearly knows she belongs in the spotlight. “I love performing as it gives me the opportunity to express my emotions and really be myself. The best part is when you can look around the room and see the joy and emotional effect that you can have on others’ lives and how grateful and encouraging they can be.”

This past February she was given the opportunity to perform in the role of OZ for the Townsville Choral Society production of We Will Rock You – The Queen Musical. She performed 11 shows selling out the 1700 seat Townsville Entertainment and Convention Centre. The show was an amazing hit even getting recognition from Queen themselves.

“Acting hasn’t always been my strong point as I would consider myself more of a singer, so when I was given the opportunity to play OZ I knew I had a lot of work to do. Throughout the production process there were times when I was completely out of my comfort zone but as each week went on I would push myself further and further to develop the best possible character for my role and during the weeks of performance I couldn’t believe the amount of amazing feedback I was getting from the audience and the media.”

By virtue of winning the Sunfly Sing-Off, Durden won a Sunfly iMusic Mic as well as 40 WKT ranking points. The iMusic portable karaoke microphone connects to any PC, iOS or Android device. It’s Karaoke app compatible and has built-in echo control.

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