Kim retains World Title

The headline says it all … Kim retains the World Title! Miriam Kim retained the WKT World Title on Sunday by defeating Nikki Suyama 270 to 247 in a 3 song sing-off. 

It was the 1st title defence for Kim after winning the title at the 2020 WKT World Championships. With the win, “The Boss” Miriam Kim continues her dominance as the top competitive singer in the world.

Kim is mostly known for her powerful vocals but showed a lot of emotion during the sing-off, especially in her final performance.  “That last one was hard to record without seriously choking up because I pictured a life for my children without me. The idea of having to say goodbye to them. I’m sure you caught the emotional break in my voice,” Kim said. “All 3 of the songs I performed were new to me in a competition setting. I wanted to do new material because I’m more than just a power ballad singer. I just want to be the best artist I can be.”

For her part, Suyama was competing in her 2nd WKT sing-off for a title this year. She is currently the WKT North American Champion and successfully defended her title this past spring.

This was the first career head to head meeting between Suyama and Kim.

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