Hayes wins Pop Championship

Dawn Hayes defeated Carina Wells 79 – 76 in the finals of the WKT Musical Championship to claim her 1st WKT title of the 2021 season.

Hayes, a semi-finalist in the 2020 World Championships, won thanks to her strong performance of the Lauren Daigle hit, ‘Still Rolling Stones’. 

When asked about choosing that particular song to perform in the finals, Hayes had several reasons. ” I love the song because it is upbeat and reminds me of Adele.  I also counted on no one else doing this song because it’s not completely mainstream.  It is a Contemporary Christian song that resonates with how I feel in my soul.  I also wanted to show off a song by Lauren Daigle who is getting a lot of recognition in mainstream pop and Christian music. “

“It always feels good to win. Winning at any level is a great motivator to get better because there is always someone else out there who is better than I am.
I’ll never be done learning new techniques and developing my craft.”

Dawn also praised the competitive aspect of the World Karaoke Tour and the singers who perform. “I expect every WKT tournament to be excitingly rough and rigorous. There are so many talented individuals in the world and everyone has their time to shine. I will be practising and getting ready. No matter what comes or what the outcome may be, I’m just honored to get to share the gift God have me with the world.”


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