Series: Copper

Event Type: Online

Division: Open

Territory: Global Residents Only

Entry Fee: $10.00 USD

Entry Restriction: None

Event Status: Entires Closed. Judging Started

Entry Start Date:
Thursday January 25th 2018

Song Submission Deadline:
Friday February 16th 2018, 11:59 pm PST

Song List

Registration Instructions

Once you have registered for this event and paid the Entry Fee you will be considered a Verified Entrant.

Once you have registered for this event and paid the Entry Fee you will be considered a Verified Entrant.

Next, you must select One (1) song from the "Eligible Song" list below to perform.

Once you have recorded yourself in a "video" rendition of your chosen track (examples: record youself at a Karaoke Bar, at home singing to a backing track, do your own rendition on your own instrument, or perform using a popular Mobile Karaoke App, etc.), you must upload your performace to one of the WKT "Approved Video Sharing Sites" and submit the the "FULL URL" to us on the Song Submission Page for Judging which will become available to you on this page after you have become a Verified Entrant for this event. (Important!: Submission performances that are not viewable as per the instructions below will be rejected and you will be given a score of Zero).

Approved Video Sharing Sites:

  1. Smule
    (Share or Embed URL)

  2. YouTube
    (Share or Embed URL - Must be set to "Unlisted")

  3. YouKu
    (Embed URL - YouKu ID must include == at end of URL)

  4. Vimeo
    (Share URL - Must be set to "Public")

  5. Facebook
    (Show Video URL - Must be set to "Public")

You must submit the song selections before the "Song Submission Deadline" which is list on the page below. (Important!: Submission performances must be recorded after the Event Entry Date. Any performace submitted that was recorded previously will be rejected and you will be given a score of Zero).

Failure to submit your video before the "Song Submission Deadline" will result in a Judged score of Zero (0) but you will still be eligible to recieve a WKT Ranking Point for being a Verified Entrant.

Absolutely "NO REFUNDS" will be given to a Verified Entrant who fails to submit their video before before the "Song Submission Deadline"

WKT Ranking Points will be awarded according to placement after judges scores are final.

  1. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me // Elton John
  2. Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy // Elton John
  3. Philadelphia Freedom // Elton John
  4. Daniel // Elton John
  5. Crocodile Rock // Elton John
  6. Honky Cat // Elton John
  7. Blue Eyes // Elton John
  8. I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That // Elton John
  9. Club At The End Of The Street // Elton John
  10. Simple Life // Elton John
  11. Blessed // Elton John
  12. Believe // Elton John
  13. Recover Your Soul // Elton John
  14. I Want Love // Elton John
  15. Your Song // Elton John
  16. Tiny Dancer // Elton John
  17. Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) // Elton John
  18. Saturday Night┴ш╙s Alright (For Fighting) // Elton John
  19. Candle In The Wind // Elton John
  20. The Bitch Is Back // Elton John
  21. Island Girl // Elton John
  22. Someone Saved My Life Tonight // Elton John
  23. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word // Elton John
  24. Little Jeannie // Elton John
  25. I'm Still Standing // Elton John
  26. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues // Elton John
  27. Sad Songs (Say So Much) // Elton John
  28. Nikita // Elton John
  29. Sacrifice // Elton John
  30. Something About The Way You Look Tonight // Elton John
  31. Circle Of Life // Elton John
  32. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds // Elton John
  33. Part-Time Love // Elton John
  34. Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) // Elton John
  35. The One // Elton John
  36. This Train Don't Stop There Anymore // Elton John
  37. Levon // Elton John
  38. Bennie And The Jets // Elton John
  39. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road // Elton John
  40. Can You Feel the Love Tonight // Elton John
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