Cynthia Sisco

41 /

Princeton, Minnesota

I'm a 40 year old mother of five, and I'm an author of three published books. I started singing very young, was always in choir, and lettered four times in high school. I started in cover bands at age 13 and was in six of them until an unfortunate event happened 3 years ago. I was strangled and my vocal chords sustained permanent damage. I've been training with the help of fellow local musicians, and the Smule app where I've started my own group. This is my first time competing in this way. I compete on the app and have made it almost half way through one competition. I'm really not much of a competitive person, but I love music. It's my life. I never miss an opportunity to perform. I do promotional work for all different types of artists pro bono, and freelance write music reviews for 3 lables. They've all been pushing for me to go further, so here I am.