After a fantastic preliminary round … the results are in! Congratulations to the singers who have advanced to the Semi-Finals of the 2020 WKT North American Open. 

In first name alphabetical order, the following singers have advanced:


Alaina Lee
Anthony Magee
Beth Brennen
Carina Wells
David McGlade
Diann Spicer
Erana Palmer
Gavin Harper
Greg Buckley
Holly Wood
Jacqueline Gibney
Jana Slade
Jerrod Piker
Jessica Healy
Joey Zierath-Lowe
Jordan Campbell-Reyna
Julie Dee
Justin Wong
Kassie Bulman
Kelsey Swanson
Kristen Hernandez
Melanie Fetterolf
Mindy Lancaster
Nicholas Pound
Roberto Candelaria
Teena Amador


Allen Folse
James Mercado
Keith Knight
Kris Gowen
Linda Dollar
Sherry West
Sissi Thompson
Timothy Fitzgerald