We sat down for a one-on-one interview with WKT Commissioner Whitney-John Stuart where he talked about the 2019 season and what to expect in 2020.

Congratulations on another successful season. How did it go in your opinion?
It was a fantastic season. We had record turnout across the globe for WKT events. At the 2019 WKT World Singing Championships we crowned Canada’s Marilyn Lee as our new World Champion. She is the first woman and the first indigenous singer to hold our World title. I personally can’t wait to get her in the recording studio. She is something great.
Our World Junior champion Emmagen Rain from Australia is a revalation. She has all the potential in the world and our goal is to support and help her acheive her dreams.
Due to the overwhlemingly positive response we received from the World Championships we are currently in negotiations to bring new county partners on board for the 2020 season so the future looks very bright.

You’ve had the World Championships in Las Vegas the last 2 years. Are you planning on moving?
We created a poll a few weeks ago and a majority like the idea of keeping Las Vegas as our homebase for the World Championships. So we will be back in Vegas November 2020!

This season, you created a new Masters division. Why did you do that?
We got several messages from singers who were 40 or older and wanted to be part of our events but didn’t necessarily want to compete against the younger generations. A Masters division gives those singers a chance to compete and showcase their talent at a World class level.

WKT now has title belts for the World and North American Champions. Will those have to be defended?
Yes! That’s the exciting part of the WKT that sets us apart from everyone else. Our champions will have to be ready to defend their titles against all challengers.

How do singers challenge for a particular title?
They make a formal request throughout our website at worldkaraoketour.com where we will give them the criteria to offically challenge for a title.

Are their plans to create more title belts?

And those would be?
All in good time.

2020 will also see the launch of the WKT Vocal Academy. What will that entail?
We wanted to give our singers access to the latest singing techniques and methods, vocal coaching and feedback on performances so we are creating the WKT Vocal Academy.
Our Academy is being lead by award winning vocal coach Katti Powell, who owns Singing without Limits. She will be delivering monthly lessons through our website as well as lead live chatrooms and give feedback on performances.

Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond what does the future hold for the WKT?
We are excited about the new events we will be rolling out in 2020, including one we will be announcing on New Years Day. We have major plans for several new international events as well as expanding our North American Open and World Championships. We can’t wait to get started!